26 March 2014 @ 03:28 pm
Wednesday is the Update Day  
It's sort of turning out that way.

Still crossing fingers for Almost Human. I looked at the shows ratings compared to some of the others and I'm still not getting what Fox is about. But this is the network that canceled Firefly. I'll probably never get what Fox is about.:)

The Marvel Universe special deal was interesting. I'm certainly enjoying the movies - the new Captain America - so there. And Agents of Shield is growing on me.

Noooo! Hale! Kenzi! Bo! Wow. Intense. It's weird now to be caught up with the series. I have to wait for the next ep.

I'm only on episode 2 of the Musketeers but so far this is the kind of mindless, but not always mindless fun with guys who manage to get themselves into trouble and have to be saved by their friends - which is irresistible in and of itself. If they weren't all so interesting and pretty I'd probably would have to fight the urge to whack them across the head. But they are interesting and pretty and how can one not enjoy them determined to save each other? Constance is adorable, tough and smart - more so than her husband can ever hope to be. The villains are glorious in their villainy. I so want to get to episode 3, but that'll have to wait for the weekend.:)

Learning Abaddon's back story was like this unexpected bonus since it didn't even occur to me how she became Abaddon. Sam's conversation with the former nun - I just adored it. The ending where the brothers are on the same page - nice. Misha Collins' directorial debut - I have no quibbles. I liked that the brothers weren't together for this ep. Ending had a bit more punch that way.

Maggie and Glenn! Woot! Okay,[personal profile] harrigan - you'll be happy to know I sniffled during this reunion. I like watching the matter-of-fact committed relationship they share. It's intense without all the overt stuff that usually sends me to 'whatever' and can we get to the next scene please. I'm loving how the separate stories are starting to intertwine in subtle ways. And omg - there be smiling! How long has it been since we've really seen these people smile?

'Shoot sharp!' orders the super tough Swat guy. I have no idea why that struck the absurd funny bone - except it really was kind of absurd. Hee. Laurel - blackmail! You go girl! Finally. I was starting to wonder if all she could do was weep. Good to see otherwise. Awww... Roy broke up with Thea - who thinks her brother doesn't lie to her. Ouch. Felicity - she has the best name for Oliver's past girlfriends and who can remember all the secret identities. I enjoy myself silly with this show. For the story and the pretty. Oooo...  next week. 

Emma update - little darling has a tumor/mass/something by/on her throat. Needs her food watered down to make it easier to eat and she's more of the mind to sleep or cuddle. We're taking some steps holistically, but not going to pursue anything more invasive. It's not worth the trauma to her and it sends her backsliding so much that any potential gain would be lost. She is beyond cute right now with her expectations of major spoiling. All in all she's doing fairly well, but sending good healing vibes her way would be awesome.:)

Puppy sitting starting tomorrow. We had the boy last weekend until Monday. Coming back tomorrow. Means a lazy weekend. I can take it.:)

Have a great rest of the week everyone!