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shallowz ([personal profile] shallowz) wrote on October 22nd, 2014 at 10:07 am
Happy Halloween!
Just want to get that out there. Early. Since - uhm... July since I posted. See. We're all Halloweenish now. And didn't that take some brain scrabbling time to remember how to change the layout.


I feel like I'm bumbling right into the middle of a conversation of which I have no idea of the subject or what's been happening with everyone - but sincerely hope everyone is healthy and happy and life is going well.

But three shows that are making me very happy and that's not to say others aren't, but I'm caught up with these.

Nathan and Duke switched! They were each other switched and I loved it quite a lot and they were adorable and interesting and I'm not really going to go into the first episodes - a little bored, but Nathan and Duke switching -  worth it all. I'm also pleased we didn't have to lose Mara to gain Audrey, and it has moved on.

Watched the two eps Monday night and holy moly - loved! Even if I wanted to throw up every few minutes, but the show pulled out those quiet big moments between the characters that make me all kinds of happy - Carol and Rick's being a huge one - 'the will you have us?' - that. Yes, this is why I watch this show because it certainly isn't because of Bob's leg served up at the barbeque.

And Carol was so cool! Right?! Competence and down and desperate and make it work efficiency. Since we had oodles of it from all the characters it was a glorious couple of hours. I especially appreciated that as appalling and horrifying as I found Terminus people's actions, to know the impetus behind those actions. And as much as I understand and can sympathize with these people given the cruelty visited upon them, I also think Rick's idea of 'they don't get to live' was on par with kill the rabid animal and stop this particular madness. Terminus didn't rise above cruelty or crazy, but embraced it in the ugliest way possible. Do I think the group should decide who should be allowed to live or die? Not necessarily, but Bob's leg is a snack now - while he watches *gags* and I'm back to 'yeah, Rick, go get 'em!'.

This is definitely one of those shows that to decide whether you agree or disagree with someone's actions should be put on hold until you see the consequences of those actions. And then get all twisted up.;)

Stephen Amell. He's too pretty to miss. That's all. And the current story line is interesting. Very. Might not always get the writers on how they write the female perspective, but I'll watch Oliver Queen. Could throw in a shirtless training scene soon....just a little one. Or more. I'd be okay with more.:) 

There's some compelling viewing out there. Viewing time is a little short, but I'm planning a visit the couch weekend with popcorn and remote in hand once this wonderful fall weather moves into the nippier stuff.

Hope you all are having a fabulous fall! It's beautiful here. Best color in years.:)

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