shallowz: (MusketeersIconAll)
shallowz ([personal profile] shallowz) wrote on February 2nd, 2015 at 12:27 pm
So far this season, when we get to see the foursome, they're incompetent and not a foursome much at all. It's a toss up which of the two which makes me more nuts. Probably the incompetence since it's there to drive a weak story and only manages to make it weaker. All Treville gets to do is look pensive. Bad guy is just weirder than weird and not at all interesting. Miss Richelieu. His motivations were so much more interesting. Lady DeWinter - her story feels more like a 'how do we keep her in this' story. The one thing I absolutely adore is Constance now with the Queen.

I've only seen 3 eps this season and I've yelled, cringed and 'seriously?!' at each one.

Nix this neutered version of our foursome and get The Musketeers back.

ETA: Scratch the 'I will not go nuts over a TV show' New Year's resolution off....:)

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