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Stories are listed in chronological order.

First Time Mary Met John (PG13)

First time Mary met John, truly hadn’t been a meeting at all, and initially she spent a few blissful minutes admiring his backside. Companion piece to First Time John Met Mary. Pre-series.

First Time John Met Mary (PG13)

The first time John met Mary there wasn’t an introduction at all, Mike being quite oblivious to any of the social graces. Companion piece to First Time Mary Met John. Pre-series.

Mary and John's First Date (PG13)
Mary arranges her version of a first date with John. Pre-series.

First Time John Met Dean (PG)
The first time John met Dean was in the back seat of the Impala. Pre-series.

First Time Dean Walked (G)
Is anything simple when it comes to Dean? Pre-series.

First Time Dean Met Sam (PG13)
John, Mary, and Dean prepare for baby Sam. Pre-series.

The First Day of the End of Everything (PG13)
The first days and weeks after the fire that changed everything for the Wincchesters. Based on John's journal entries. Pre-series.

The First and Only Time John Almost Sold the Impala (G)
The Impala is a gas-guzzler. Why would John keep it? Pre-series

Singer vs. The Winchesters (PG)

Bobby Singer's introduction to the Winchesters. Pre-series

First Time Jess Saw Sam (PG13)
Title says it all. Pre-series.

Finding Elrond (PG13)
Sam has a leg wound that won’t heal, and Dean’s inspired by one of his usual references for finding a cure.

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