10 March 2012 @ 08:50 pm
The Wildcat Sanctuary  
I'm posting one of those I-never-do-these-kind-of-posts, but it's really super important post. In other words, I'm asking for money. *cheers*

But for The Wildcat Sanctuary.:)

The Wildcat Sanctuary is an organization like a lot of other organizations that shouldn't be needed, but given there are the ill-informed, the sadistic and the plain, too-stupid-to-live category of people out there who just want a big kitty, this place is desperately needed. I don't think too many people missed what happened in Ohio when all those exotics were killed - and no, we aren't talking more about that because it makes me physically ill.

The good stuff. First the Sanctuary is working to raise money to bring a couple of big cats from Ohio to the Sanctuary which gives these cats a ton more space. Costs $30,000. Moving, housing these big kitties is expensive. They'd like to take them all, but cha-ching. Can't. They're almost $10,000 dollars into their goal. Woot!

Second, right now they're also doing a match program which started March 1st and goes thru April 31st. Whatever the donation is, these amazing people are going to match your donation dollar for dollar.

Look at these handsome babies.

All the info is at the site. If all you do is look, you have to watch the videos!

If you know people that have a soft spot for the big cats, please boost this post. Cats being cats, whatever the size, like showing off.:)