12 May 2010 @ 08:59 am
Matter of Trust  
Has everyone seen this organization? I just became aware of it since I received an email asking salons to donate their hair clippings due to that oil spill in the gulf. No problem, and I love what this company does. Check it out if you haven't. Since they need nylons too and they don't care if they have runs in them. Donate away instead of tossing them. What's a few dollars in shipping?

Watch the YouTube video on the Oil Spill Program. Sheesh. The oil spill facts are horrifying, not to mention homeowners and such dumping motor oil illegally.

Unfortunately, there are always those folks that other people need to clean up after. Whether they are companies or individuals. But I gotta say the ones that leave the dirty diapers or full ashtray dumps in parking lots make me absolutely nuts. 'Cos seriously, what is the problem with finding a garbage can? Litter people, if don't want it in your space I can guarantee no one else does either.