05 November 2012 @ 12:00 pm
Ah, dang...  
I've gotta declare a LJ flist blackout on my end. I dislike being even a little spoiled for The Walking Dead. Or actually for anything. So, shows like TWD and Haven, which we download from iTunes the morning after, I'm going to avoid the flists until I watch 'em. 

And wallow in every bit of the fun after.:D

Took the new LJ friend's page for a 2 second whirl. It's really, uhm - boring/ugly.

Happy time change for everyone who had to set their clocks back an hour! I slept wonderfully in the extra glorious hour.:) Now if I could only get used to the hour of dark that comes way too soon. I'm already gearing up for the Winter Solstice. Just knowing longer/lighter days are ahead make all the difference.:)

People with cats - has any one ever dealt with an older cat with dementia like symptoms? The wandering all night? Wailing? Wanting to eat every hour on the hour and then quite happy to sleep all day? I'm going to try the Bach Flower remedy, Scleranthus, and the acupuncturist/vet did a calming of the mind point this morning. If anyone has any other ideas, my sleep deprived self would love to know them.

Also, has anyone ever tried the Jackson Galaxy Spirit Essences? There's one called Night Owl that shows some promise and another called Graceful Aging that could do the trick. I'd like to know if anyone has had any experience with them before I plunk down the money.

Leaving this post public so if someone knows someone with cats - pass my inquiry along, please. I'd appreciate it!

I'm campaigning for 3 day weekends. 3 day weekends would be much handier.:)