14 January 2012 @ 11:53 am
This can't be right....  
SPN was nominated twice and WON twice in The People's Choice awards! How cool is this!!! A very happy making blurb to see last night.:D

This is what's right.

Here's where the questions come in....

They did not air the win during the ceremony. *blink* Kind of big categories to miss, isn't it? Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki weren't invited? That's gotta be wrong.

Tell me I'm reading crazy stuff online since SPN like all fandoms can be a little twitchy. I don't care that it's a genre that doesn't rate with the so-called more seriously viewed shows. When a show wins Favorite Network TV Drama and Scifi/Fantasy and given the competition for both those categories, why was this not aired? It's so grossly disrespectful to the winner and the voters that it defies logic. SPN deserves better. While it hasn't always been perfect, last night's ep was and a reflection of what makes SPN  SPN. That tricky blend of humor, drama, poignancy and hotness.  There's a whole lot of people who deserve credit for that, not the least its actors. They should've had their moment.