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shallowz ([personal profile] shallowz) wrote on October 25th, 2014 at 10:55 am
SPN & Arrow
Caught up with SPN.

Cas and Hannah - longest road trip ever. Angel story. Still no appeal.

Crowley neutered and turned into an emo teenager longing for bestie Dean is about as ewww inducing as anything I've ever witnessed. The petulant king of hell killing killing anyone and everybody - no appeal.


Sam and Dean immensely appealing. And hot. YummyYumYum.

I definitely appreciated that Dean wasn't awesomely adorable and charming as a demon. I found him pathetic in his directionless existence of bar hopping and equally interested in the twists of good/bad of his actions. Ultimately he wasn't a good guy. (Thank you.) How easy to boot any sort of conscience or concern aside and no regards to consequences when possessed by your own inner demon. Probably the most freedom Dean has ever experienced in his life.

Sam's desperation - with no freedom from his conscience, concern and regards for the consequences - did save Dean whether Dean wanted it or not is pretty much the what these guys are about. In this, I can see where it would be unfathomable for Sam to let Dean remain what Dean has fought to eradicate most of his life.

Oooo.... but the disconnect.

I'm no longer going to do weekly episode reactions. Decided that watching SPN in episode chunks is the way to go and getting kicked out of Sam and Dean's story isn't as frustrating. Because I want to see how this plays out.

Watched a CW tidbit - JP and JA were asked the question how they would like to see the Winchesters' story end and JP said that having the brothers die was the only possible ending in order for them to remain who they are - ohmygosh, yes. I can see it. And weirdly enough it adds an intensity to the viewing now that hasn't been there. It would be amazing and utterly fitting in my view of brothers' story.


I'm interested in Laurel's story. Finally. Beyond thrilled that Oliver will not be the one training her.

I'm interested in Thea's story. Finally.

This is the one aspect of Arrow that's been bleh for me. The 'oh woe is me' of these characters. It appears they have moved beyond that. Hope they have moved beyond that, since these two women could become something amazing.

More Diggle and Oliver! Have missed their interactions and to have Oliver playing more the support role in Diggle's situation - YES! . The action/advertury of Oliver, Diggle and Roy - I'll admit to a little stupid smile drooling. It was pretty and competent and of hotel furnishing re-purposing - yes, hit the back button for the entire scene. More than once.

Gimmee mooorrrre!

And some shirtless training.:)

Anyone watching Madame Secretary? I'm enjoying that series.



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