29 June 2011 @ 04:03 pm
A Story Rec.... yeah, I know. A first. In a lot of ways.:D  
Ever read a story and it remains with you long after you've finished? Here's one and it's an RPF. Not a place I go to visit often unless someone whose opinion I respect says I just have to read it.

Or a friend writes it and says it's based on The Great Escape. A movie I saw years ago, but a movie I've never forgotten. 

This is a story. As a spn_j2_bigbang it should be labeled as fanfic, but it doesn't read like fanfiction, nor is it slash. What it is is a well-researched story that gives one a hint of what POW's of World War II endured without diminishing their struggle. And much more. Blessedly free of a heavy hand it's a beautiful read.

Far as I'm concerned, this transcends fanfiction and/or whatever labels. I'm grateful I didn't miss it.:)

Under a Vast Sky by harrigan